Seven things to do in Bietigheim, Baden-Württemberg, DE

Seven things to do in Bietigheim, Baden-Württemberg, DE

It’s the weekend and you’re looking for something to do. Perhaps you’ve just relocated to Stuttgart for work, or you’re visiting family in the local area. Baden-Württemberg might not be as well-known as Bavaria but it’s a hidden gem for tourists to discover. Half-timbered towns, vineyards galore, and strong traditions in cuisine. So if you’re in the local area, here’s a few things to do in Bietigheim this weekend. 

Visit the Eisenbahnfreunde Bietigheim-Bissingen

This might be a little niche, but it appeals to all ages. A model railway a few minutes north of the town centre. It’s run on a voluntary basis by model train enthusiasts. Which means it’s not open every day, just a couple of Sundays a month. It’s well worth a visit if you’re in the right place at the right time.

To read more and find out open days, visit the Eisenbahnfreunde Bietigheim Facebook page.

A jumble of houses on the banks of the river

Eat at Rossknecht im Schloss

If you’re looking for a place to eat in Bietigheim, you can’t go wrong with Rossknecht. Traditional food in a medieval location. And if you’re visiting on a sunny day, you’ve hit the jackpot. The terrace is in a suntrap of a courtyard.

Flammkuchen, goulash and Maultaschen. Rossknecht ticks all the Swabian boxes.

For more information about Rossknecht im Schloss in Bietigheim, visit their website.

Cross over the Enz on the Kronenbergstrasse and walk through Bürgergarten to view the Bietigheim Viaduct

A things to do in Bietigheim list wouldn’t be complete without at least one mention of the park. In 1989 the Landesgartenschau (a state garden show), took place in Bietigheim. The area alongside the river Enz was redesigned as the green centre of Bietigheim-Bissingen.

The redevelopment was a success. Today, over three decades later, the gardens are regularly used and just as beautiful as the day they were opened. You can explore the parks and take a walk along the Enz up to Bietigheim viaduct. You might just catch a train passing over the bridge.

On the other side of the Enz, you’ll find the Japanese Gardens. If you find this section, you can be treated to a great view of Bietigheim. This is one of the things to do in Bietigheim that I never tire of doing. The half-timbered buildings tucked in between the pastel coloured houses sitting above the water remind me of Tübingen, just on a much smaller scale. It’s a lovely place for a family photo. 

A viaduct over a wide river under a sunny blue sky

Drink an Eisschokolade at Eissalon Olivier and people watch

Believe it or not, this ice cream shop turns into a gingerbread shop just before winter. If you’ve not already tried an Eisschokolade, you’re in for a treat. Think chocolate milkshake on steroids.

Eissalon Olivier is in an ideal spot to people watch. It has a view towards the the busy Kronenplatz. It’s one of those unmissable things to do in Bietigheim. And you’re not limited to Eisschokolade, there’s plenty of ice cream and sorbet flavours to choose from.

You’ll find Eissalon Olivier right in front of Kronenplatz. Kaufland is just behind the ice cream shop.

Wander through the old town centre and admire the half-timbered houses

Take your time with this one. It’s worth exploring every corner in the old town. Start along the Hauptstrasse heading through the ornate Old Town Gate which is the only one of the original four gates still remaining. Stop by Bietigheim’s Old Town Hall before continuing on your way.

Many little streets with traditional architecture branch off the Hauptstrasse. If you head down one small alley near the Old Town Hall you’ll find the Hexenwegle which is not something you want to miss. This “Witches’ Alley” is a medieval walkway that provides access to individual houses. It’s a great alley to take children down, they’ll love the decorations residents have put up.

Visit an Art Gallery – Städtische Galerie, Bietigheim-Bissingen

Just across the Hauptstrasse from Rossknecht you can find a small art gallery. It’s not a big place but exhibitions change frequently which keeps people coming back for more. Last time I checked, entrance to the art gallery in Bietigheim is free.

Click here to find out more about the exhibitions on display at the Städtische Galerie.

Three colourful half-timbered houses under a blue sky

Climb up the Pulverturm for a view over the rooftops of Bietigheim

The Pulverturm mit Wehrgang (Gunpowder Tower with guard’s walkway) dates from the 15th century. It was built as the northeast turret of the town’s fortifications. In 1821 it was sold to a local baker. Over a hundred years later, the town bought it back. Today it is open to the public.

It’s not clearly signposted but you’ll find it where Schieringerbrunnenstraße and Fräuleinstraße meet. There’s a little gate that takes you through to the steps up the tower.

It’s opposite the old communal bakery. A place where locals could go to bake their own bread around the 16th century. The communal oven was put just outside the city walls, to keep the city and its half-timbered buildings safe from fires. You’ll spot it by the tall chimney coming out of the roof of a very small stone building.

Where should I park on a day trip to Bietigheim?

Bietigheim has plenty of parking. Some places can be parked in for free such as Parkplatz Mühlwiesenstraße which is close to Kaufland. You will be limited with how much time you can park for free.

Alternatively there’s parking on the other side of the town at Parkplatz “Historisches Rathaus” which also offers free parking for 2 hours on a weekday but is free at weekends.

Is it better to visit Bietigheim by train or by car?

You have a choice when visiting Beitigheim, it’s convenient to get to by train and by car. You could even cycle there if you wish. The train station is located a 25-minute walk from Bietigheim’s Old Town Hall. The walk takes you along the river Enz and through Bietigheim’s parks.

If you wish to come by car, there’s plenty of parking within a short distance of the old town. And the town is easy to navigate by car.

Have you been to Bietigheim? Is our things to do in Bietigheim list complete, or do you think we need to add a few more places to visit? Let us know in the comments below.

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