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The most popular destinations in Germany are listed below. 

Click on the image for information about tourist attractions, where to stay and everything else you need to know to stay planning your vacation to Germany from the US or UK.

Hamburg City Travel Guide

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Our travel guides aim to provide all the information you need to plan a trip to Germany. 

We include general information about Germany in our Guide to Germany section. More in depth guides to popular cities and tourist attractions are found above. 

In each guide you’ll find an overview of tourist attractions and sights of interest, advice on where to stay, the best way to travel around the city, and a look at local delicacies and drinks.

German Christmas Market in Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart
Travel from Dusseldorf Airport

General Travel Info about Germany

We’ve combined all the key info about traveling to Germany in our Germany Travel Info page. 

If you’re looking for information on public transport, car hire, German culture and local customs, German language tips, money and tipping practices, head on over to the Germany Travel Info page.


We regularly publish new content in our blog covering topics on German culture, language and arts. We also use it as a place to highlight must see tourist attractions in Germany which are often a little lesser known and a lot off the beaten track.

If you’re interested in German food and drink, we’ve got plenty of recipes for you to try and listicles of popular, and sometimes less popular, German dishes.