Visiting a German Vineyard

Visiting a German Vineyard

We’ve visited plenty of vineyards in Germany, but I think we’ve found the most scenic German vineyard.

The southwest of Germany is where it’s at for the German winery scene. The climate and topography lend itself to the perfect wine growing conditions. 

Out of all the grape varieties grown, Baden-Württemberg is probably best known for its Trollinger grape. It produces a light, fruity wine, and it’s grown almost exclusively in Württemberg.

Driving through the southwest of Germany you’ll see miles of vineyards covering any south facing incline. The vineyards create an everchanging stripey landscape. 

The best time to visit a German Vineyard

The best time to visit a wine region is often when the harvest is about to take place. The hills change from a vibrant green in summer to burnt oranges and golden yellows. The vineyards glow in the autumnal sun. 

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Scenic walks through a German Winery

Germany is a walker’s paradise, there are public paths aplenty running all the way through fields, forests and vineyards. And with vineyards, come the best views, the steeper the slope, the better the view. 

With that said, how do you decide which vineyard to go walking in? We’ve chosen our two favourite German wineries to visit based on the views and what’s on offer at the top.

Hohenhaslach, Baden-Württemberg

Autumn colours in the vineyards

Found in Württemberg, this area has over 10,000 hectares of vineyards. That makes it the fourth largest wine growing region in Germany. 

Hohenhaslach is located just around the corner from another tourist attraction, but one much more kid-friendly – Tripsdrill. 

With views towards Ludwigsburg and Stuttgart – on a very clear day. The view is a clear winner, but there’s more to see than the view.

Panoramaweingut Baumgärtner near the top of Hohenhaslach, is a German winery worth a visit. It hosts frequent tours and tastings, and has as a restaurant offering traditional delicacies. Check dates before visiting as the restaurant is only open in September and October.

What a perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday in September? Spend the morning walking around the nearby forest, enjoy lunch on the terrace at Panoramaweingut before taking a wander around the vineyards and finishing it off browsing in the Vinothek.

Occasionally they offer free wine cellar tours, check the Panoramweingut website for more details of tours and events.

Neipperg near Brackenheim in Baden-Württemberg

Slightly off the tourist trail, this area is bursting with vineyards. 

The tiny village is located west of Heilbronn, in an area with plenty of walking trails. 

It’s the size of the area covered in vines is what sets this German vineyard apart from the others. 

The vineyards wrap themselves around the hills. And at the top of one hill sits Burg Neipperg, a castle dating from the 12th century. 

There are a few circular walking routes that pass by the castle as well as a nearby restaurant and beergarden, Waldschenke Hörnle

A view of the vineyards in golden hour

The beergarden offers traditional food with an outstanding view. If you’re not one for walking, it’s possible to take the car up the the top but a walk around the vineyards is a must.

The castle, Burg Neipperg, is a German winery that offers spring wine tasting events in May. The wine tasting events are held in the castle’s imposing courtyard or atmospheric wine cellar. 

These small events often sell out fast, but are best suited to German speakers. Eitherway, the vineyards around the castle have an exceptional view over the landscape towards Stromberg.

Have you visited a German Vineyard?

Do you have a favourite German vineyard in the southwest of Germany? How does it compare to our two favourites? Let us know in the comments below.

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