Three things to do in Funchal when it rains

Three things to do in Funchal when it rains

If you’re expecting wall to wall blue skies on your trip to Madeira, it’s likely that you won’t be disappointed. Madeira has plenty of sunshine, but occasionally the rain can put a spanner in your holiday plans. And when it rains in Funchal, it pours! So, to help you plan for a rainy day in Madeira, here’s a few things to do in Funchal when it rains.

A view of the city from a bed of aloe vera flowers

1. Visit the Maderia Story Centre

Found next to the Teleferico station by the waterfront.

Visiting a museum on a rainy day is always a good idea. It’s a win-win decision. A few hours of educational entertainment with shelter from inclement weather.

This museum is on the small side, but it packs a punch. All in all, expect to be there for up to 90 minutes if you read every piece of information going. It’s all in one room and you need to follow the route to make sure you learn about the early history before the recent history.

It’s a hands-on experience which is ideal for older children. Signs are translated into English, German and Spanish.

And once you’re finished in the museum, head upstairs for a great viewpoint of Funchal close to the Teleferico.

Other museums you could visit on a rainy day in Funchal include:

  • Museu de Arte Sacra (Museum of Sacred Art) – the perfect place to explore the island’s religious art and artifacts.
  • Museu Quinta das Cruzes – a museum that features decorative arts and historical artifacts.
Golden sunlight breaks through the grey clouds to light up the statue of Zarco in the middle of Funchal

2. Mercado dos Lavradores

A farmers’ market right in the heart of Funchal. Fruit, flowers, fish, and vegetables. It’s used by locals but also a great number of visitors flow through the doors every day.

The market is one place where you can see the abundance of the island all in one place.

It might not take you hours to look through the museum, but it’s a must visit if you love local markets or food.

After all, this wouldn’t be a useful list of things to do in Funchal when it rains, if we didn’t include a few things that aren’t museums!

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3. Jardim Botânico da Madeira

This Botanical garden is where you’ll find the multicoloured privet hedges, famously shown in most of the guidebooks to Madeira. It covers eight hectares planted with over 2000 plants from across the globe.

A particular favourite of mine was the cactus garden. There’s also an impressive view of Funchal and the valley that runs alongside gardens.

If you’re in need of shelter from a particularly long downpour, head to the café or mini museum featuring fossils and taxidermy.

To get to the Botanical gardens you can take a taxi or a bus. It’s a steep route so unless you’re up for a hike, it’s best to head there on four wheels or more.

Other gardens to visit in Funchal when it rains:

Monte Palace Tropical Garden at the top of the Funchal Teleferico

There are two botanical gardens in Funchal. Make sure you don’t get them mixed up. You’ll find the Monte Palace Tropical Garden is often called a botanical garden. This one is at the top of the Teleferico travelling from Funchal’s waterfront.

Perhaps a rainy day isn’t ideal to travel on the Teleferico. Low clouds can cover Funchal within minutes, sweeping in from the west to provide a shock of rainfall within a few short moments.

But a rainy day is as good as any to visit the Monte Palace Tropical Garden. Trees cover the area, it’s a tropical paradise where a tropical rainfall only adds to the atmosphere.

There are plenty of places to shelter from a long shower including a café with a view. It might be one of the best things to do in Funchal when it rains.

Quinta da Boa Vista Orchid Garden

This is the place to visit if you’re an avid orchid fan. It’s not set up like most display gardens, it’s more on the rustic side. And you won’t find a café. But it’s a unique hidden gem found at Rua do Lombo da Boavista 19A.

You won’t find many tourists wandering around but the greenhouse structure provides an ideal spot to shelter from a rainy day in Funchal. It’s a splendid look at an enormous variety of orchids.

Have you visited Funchal? Do you have any suggestions for things to do when it rains in Funchal? Let us know in the comments below.

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