When is the best time to go to Seville?

When is the best time to go to Seville?

You’ve heard others raving about Seville. The sunny days, the tapas, the flamenco and the cervezas. So it’s time to see what the fuss is all about. Flights can vary wildly in prices depending on the time of year, but when is the best time to go to Seville?

As with most travel advice, it’s best to avoid the school holidays. Of course, it’s not always possible, but if you can, you’ll pay a lot less for your flights.

The best time to visit Seville can vary on multiple factors. And the season should be your number one consideration.

A white tower with orange trim peaking out from behind an orange tree

So, based on the Seasons, when is the best time to visit Seville?

Seville gets hot. Really, really hot. I’m talking 40C+ heat and very regularly during summer. That might sound like the dream when we’re staring out at grey skies during winter. But don’t be fooled. Summer in Seville is not the best time to visit Seville. It’s unbearable. And you won’t end up seeing much.

Instead, I’d recommend visiting Seville in spring or autumn. Temperatures can still get a little hot late in spring and early autumn, but you’re less likely to experience 40C+ heat.

If you’re not keen on temperatures over 27C, then I’d recommend visiting Seville in March, April and May, or the autumn months of October and November. You might get a couple of rainy days but otherwise it should be perfect weather for sightseeing.

What’s the average temperature in Seville in April and May?

According to the Met Office, the average high temperature in April is 24C, and in May it’s 28C. For some, May might already be too warm.

One thing to know about spring is that it’s Seville’s windy season. So you might experience a fresh breeze in the city. On hotter days, this will be welcomed!

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A view of Seville's Cathedral from behind a keyhole shaped arch

What’s the average temperature in Seville in autumn?

If you’re lucky enough to be able to travel outside of school holidays, then autumn is a perfect time to visit Seville. September is likely to be very hot still. The Met Office estimates the average high temperatures in Seville in September are around 31C.

The average temperatures in Seville in October are perfect city break temps. You can expect a balmy 26C average high.

As with a lot of southern European destinations, the temperatures plummet faster than they rise. November temperatures in Seville drop quickly and you’ll absolutely be wanting to take a warm coat with you. Particularly for the evenings outside enjoying tapas.

Plaza del Cabildo's semi-circular courtyard from behind one of it's many arches

When is the best time to visit Seville to avoid to rain?

Seville doesn’t experience rain like the UK does. You’ll find most months have a very low amount of rainfall. On average, June, July and August have next to no rain. There isn’t a rainy season to avoid in Seville.

Instead, there are a few months where you might have a couple of rainy days. It’s impossible to plan a trip to Seville to avoid rain. It’s unlikely you’ll have any rainy days.

If you visit during the autumn months, you might have one or two rainy days. October and November have the highest amount of rainfall on average. But it won’t be a lot! It’s still a good time to visit Seville.

When is the best time to go to Seville to see the orange blossom?

The orange blossom season is early spring. But this is nature we’re talking about. So you can’t guarantee a thing.

Some years the blossom in Seville comes early, other years it comes late. It all depends on the temperatures through winter.

So when can you see the orange blossom in Seville? The best time to visit Seville to see the orange blossom is late February and early March. But sometimes it could still be about as late as early April.

And if you do get lucky and happen to be in Seville in the three weeks the orange blossom are covering the trees like a soft layer of snow, expect to be blown away by the scent. There’s nothing quite like it.

When should you visit Seville if you want to go to Seville’s Feria?

You might have heard about Seville and its Feria. It’s a famous festival in Spain. So famous five million visitors come to the city to join the celebrations.

Feria de Seville happens two weeks after Easter. It’s a weeklong festival just outside the city centre. The Feria pretty much makes the city stop while everyone enjoys the festivities. And in 2024 it’s being held Sunday 14th April – Saturday 20th April 2024.

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