Seville Travel Diaries: How much does a long weekend in Seville cost?

Seville Travel Diaries: How much does a long weekend in Seville cost?

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Thinking of visiting Seville this year and wondering how much it might cost you? Look no further, we have the answers to your questions before you’ve even thought of them. Seville is a perfect destination for a long weekend. So how much does a long weekend in Seville cost? Let’s open up our Seville travel diaries and have a look.

Here’s a little background information to get you started:

Number of travellers: 2 (F & T)

Ages of travellers: 34 & 35

Time of year: March (we wanted the weather to be sunny but cool enough to walk everywhere – we got rain!)

How many nights did you stay in Seville: 4 nights

Type of city break: we like to see the city on foot, we walk everywhere and prefer to do self-guided tours. We will always pay for a good view but don’t tend to visit many museums. One thing we always try to do everywhere we go is visit a few markets. Feel free to use our Seville travel diaries as an itinerary for your trip to Seville.

How much does a long weekend in Seville cost?

Scroll down to the bottom of the post to find out how much we spent on four nights in Seville. But here’s where we spent our money for our long weekend trip to Seville.

Flights to Seville from Manchester

£145 per person including a 20kg checked in bag to share.

We flew from Manchester with Ryanair. This isn’t our closest airport but it is the closest airport with direct flights to Seville.

The flight took 2.5 hours and we landed at around 8pm.

Accommodation in Seville

£90 per night for the two of us. In total it came to £360.

We found our holiday flat in Seville on Airbnb but we booked it through because of the cashback. It had everything we needed, a proper kitchen, central location and a south-facing terrace.

The cost of food & drink in Seville

£113 per person

This was over five days and four nights. I don’t drink much but T does like a few beers or more. We stuck to tapas in the evenings at places recommended by my sister. Breakfast was at a café each morning.

Total cost of tickets for tourist attractions

€2 per person.

Miscellaneous Expenses

€14 per person

Including transport to and from Seville airport €5 per person per trip. Return bus tickets to Carmona €4 per person.

A view of Seville over the rooftops from La Giralda

Seville Travel Diaries

Seville Travel Diaries Itinerary

We’d been to Seville before, so I had a good idea of what I wanted to do. We had expected temperatures to be a bit warmer than we experienced. So a word of warning if you’re visiting Seville in March, make sure you take layers and a warm jacket!

Here’s a rough Travel Itinerary for Seville:


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Day one in Seville

Our plane lands in Seville just after 8pm local time, so we catch the airport bus into the centre of Seville. We get off at Prado De San Sebastian and walk 15 minutes to get to our accommodation in Plaza de la Alfalfa.

I took a gamble on the flat because of the good location. The reviews all mentioned a smell, I ignored all negative reviews, and I’m so glad I did. Great location and brilliant Airbnb with everything we need. If you’re interested, here’s the link.

We meet my sister and her friend for tapas and drinks in the restaurant right below our room. It’s way past my bedtime at this point but, hey, I’m on holiday! We have a couple of small beers and a few tapas. We get the bill and vow to eat out every night. Let’s just say eating out in Seville is attractively priced.

Total spend on day one: €33

A view of Seville from the mushrooms also called Le Setas

Day two in Seville

My sister’s ill so our plans change mid-morning. There’s a few big suns on the BBC weather forecast so we’re making the most of this before the rain hits on Sunday.

We have a coffee in our room before heading out for breakfast churros by La Setas. If you want a true Seville breakfast, head to Cafetería la Centuria. It’s cheap and cheerful, but perfect. The churros and coffee cost less than €10 in total.

After breakfast we start our walk around Seville. I love a viewpoint, in 2019 I went up La Setas and La Giralda so I didn’t plan to visit them this year. Instead we go to Torro del Oro by the river. Entrance is free (voluntary donations welcome).

We spend some time walking along the river and enjoying the view. This is when I sit on some dog poo. And it goes everywhere. At this point I thank my lucky stars that I booked a flat with a washing machine.

We head back, buy some bread for lunch and I wash all my clothes. We welcome the unexpected pause in our itinerary while I wait for the washing machine to finish, and do a spot of sunbathing.

Later that afternoon we decide to explore Seville’s Jewish Quarter – Barrio de Santa Cruz. Tiny alleys, windy streets, colourful houses. It’s all so beautiful. We do some window shopping but don’t buy anything. I try very hard to never buy tat.

Our evening plans include visiting a traditional flamenco bar. It’s very casual and we arrive at about 8pm, order some beers and find some seats.

There’s no stage so we don’t know where to sit. Turns out the flamenco dancing happens in a corner below us, so we don’t have much of a view. But can hear the music and singing. The venue is La Carbonería on Calle Céspedes, if you’re interested.

After the flamenco we go for more tapas but just the two of us today. We choose a place close to our flat that has a queue outside. We don’t sit down until close to 10pm. I’m not used to these late nights.

I order a selection of seafood tapas and have a couple of beers. By 11 I’m ready to be rolled up the stairs to bed.

Total spend on day two: €80

Toro del Oro next to the river running through Seville

Day three in Seville

We’re off to Carmona for the day. My sister sold it to me by saying she cried while walking around Carmona. How could I resist?!

We catch the bus to Carmona with minutes to spare. It takes 30 minutes and stops abruptly every five minutes. It’s a carsick inducing ride. We arrive in Carmona just before noon.

I collect a map from the tourist information office and visit the museum which has a great view of the town. We tick off all the sights of Carmona then stop for a sandwich and pastry for lunch.

With return busses few and far between, we’re keen to catch the mid-afternoon bus back to Seville. Another nauseous bus journey through the Andalusian countryside.

The afternoon is still long so we walk to Plaza de Espana. I’m a big fan of this place. We catch a flamenco show which makes up for not being able to see the show last night.

After the flamenco show we walk back into Seville to our room taking the long way back. We stop for a beer along the way.

My sister is feeling better so we meet her and her boyfriend for dinner at 9. We eat at a tapas bar close to her house. It’s a bit fancier but closes early so we only end up having a couple of plates to share. We make plans to meet tomorrow for breakfast.

Total spend on day three: €59

Day four in Seville

We woke up to rain. It was expected but, ever-the-optimist, I thought it might pass over. It doesn’t. We meet my sister for breakfast in Plaza de la Alfalfa. I get a coffee but T and my sister also get toast.

We then spend some time sitting at a café on the bank of the river. When it really starts pouring down, we head to my favourite market in Seville, Mercado de Triana. It’s a Sunday so it’s only half open but that’s enough for me.

At about 3pm we go to another market for lunch. Mercado de Feria is a good place for tapas. It’s a bit further out, north of La Setas. I try a breadcrumb tapas, I’m not sure I’d eat it again. We have some more drinks.

After sitting outside in the rain all day, I’m beginning to feel the cold and I don’t have any more layers. My sister buys me a selection of Croquettes for my dinner. T and I head back to our room and watch Netflix eating croquettes before falling asleep in front of the TV.

Total spend on day four: €55

Day five in Seville:

It’s our last day. We pack and check under the bed three times before leaving the key on the table and checking out. We’re sad to be leaving but our flight isn’t until after 7pm so we still have some time for lunch and more exploring. It’s still raining.

We drop my bag off at my sister’s flat before walking down to Seville’s ginormous cathedral. Here we stop for coffee and croissants under the parasols. My sister is keen to make up for lost time while she was ill. We explore more of Seville with her as our tour guide.

At 3pm my sister has to go to work so she walks us to a small tapas bar where we can have a long, late lunch with our suitcase for company. Here I eat more croquettes, squid and beans. And drink more small beers. Then we set off for the bus station, stopping off at a supermarket along the way to buy Spanish sweets for my niece and nephew.

On the way to the bus, the weather turns even worse. It felt like a fitting moment to leave.

Total spend on day five: €65

Seville Travel Diaries: Budget your Trip to Seville

Total cost of four nights in Seville:

Overall we spent just over £900 for four nights and five days in Seville. Which works out at £450 per person. As we had been to Seville before, we didn’t spend as much on entrance fees as we did last year.

The cost of a long weekend in Seville might be a little more if you do pay for entrance into the cathedral, palaces or La Setas. But if you’re travelling to Seville on a budget, eating out is very affordable, and if you’re prepared to walk a lot you can find cheap accommodation outside Seville’s city centre.

Here’s the total breakdown showing how much our long weekend in Seville cost:

  • Flights: £145 x 2 = £290
  • Accommodation: £360
  • Food & drink: €264 / £226
  • Tourist attractions: €4 / £3.5
  • Transport: €28 / £24

Total amount: £903

Things we would have done differently is have a plan for a rainy day. Seville is all about life outdoors so if you end up having wet weather for your trip, you do feel a bit blindsided.

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