Visit Carmona – The Best Day Trip from Seville

Visit Carmona – The Best Day Trip from Seville

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Carmona is a medieval town not far from Seville. We’re talking a 30 – 45 minute bus journey. It’s one of the easiest day trips from Seville. If you do visit Carmona, you’ll treated to bucket loads of history, a gorgeous views and Andalusian charm every turn you take. 

So let’s see what you can do when you visit Carmona.

How to get to Carmona from Seville

The bus that takes you from Seville to Carmona is the M-124.

The M-124 bus departs from San Bernardo bus station and NOT Plaza de Armas.

One thing to mention is that the bus stops are a little spread out and not just in the forecourt-style bus station. The bus stop for the M-124 is on the road called Ramon Carande.

View of the old town of Carmona from the Tower of Gold

How much time should I plan to spend in Carmona?

This depends on what your plan is. Do you want to just see the old town and a few churches? Or would you like to also explore the Necropolis and Amphitheatre? 

Plan a whole day to visit Carmona properly if you want to see all the sights. Arrive early and catch the bus back in the late afternoon.

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What are the main tourist attractions in Carmona?

When you visit Carmona by bus, it drops you off close to the Alcazar de la Puerte de Sevilla, that’s the Fortress of the Gate of Seville to you and me. This is a good place to start your Seville to Carmona day trip.

The gate serves as a tourist information centre as well as a museum. The entrance to the museum is just €2 and worth every cent. Entrance gives you access to the Tower of Gold with a view of the whole town and surrounding countryside.

Pick up a free map from Carmona’s tourist office. The windy roads and narrow alleys make the map invaluable. If you want to get lost in Andalusian charm, here’s where to do it.

This is me at the Alcazar de la Puerte de Sevilla

Things to see and do in Carmona

When you visit Carmona, you’ll want to make sure these tourist attractions are on your list of things to visit in Carmona. But also make sure you take some time to wander through the narrow streets and alleys of the old town. This town is a gem in Andalucia’s crown.

The Alcazar of Carmona

A medieval fortress sat on the highest part of the town. The Moors built this in the 9th century as a defensive structure. After the Reconquista, the Christians expanded and improved the Alcazar.

It is a popular tourist attraction. The fortress is open for visitors to explore the gardens, courtyards, defensive walls, palace and towers.

The Gate of Cordoba

On the other side of the old town to the Gate of Seville, you’ll find the Gate of Cordoba. First built in the first century. It’s function was not purely defensive, it also symbolised the advance of the Roman Empire.

Over the years, features were removed and others added, adapting its function for the inhabitants. During the Catholic rule, the gate served as a place to monitor the trade into and out of the town.

Necropolis de Carmona

A short walk from old town. The bus stops here on its way to the final bus stop by the Alcazar de la Puerta de Sevilla. If this is on your list of things to see in Carmona, you could get off the bus here.

The Necropolis is an important archaeological site. It is an ancient burial site, one of the largest and most important in Spain. The elaborately decorated tombs and mausoleums were built for the wealthy families in Carmona.

It’s worth visiting the Necropolis to get an insight into ancient Roman customs and beliefs.

Iglesia prioral de Santa Maria

A beautiful piece of architecture originally built in the 15th century in Gothic style. The church has undergone a lot of changes over the years. Inside you’ll find sculptures, an altarpiece from the 16th century and many paintings.

The Iglesia prioral de Santa Maria is in the middle of the Old Town.

Anfiteatro Romano

This ancient Roman amphitheatre dates back from the 1st century AD. It was built as a place to watch animal hunts, public events and gladiator fights. It could accommodate up to 14000 spectators.

The stone structure has a complex network of tunnels and chambers underground that were used by the performers.

It’s opposite the Necropolis de Carmona.

Squares and Public Spaces in Carmona

Plaza San Fernando – the round square

A historic square located in Carmona with buildings dating back to 1588. The Town Hall of Carmona is also found on this square, the building dates back to the 17th century.

Benches surround a central forged iron lamppost which came to the town from the 1929 Ibero-American Expo held in Seville.

Plaza de Abastos

The market square you see today was built in 1842 in the style of traditional squares in Castille. It’s a large square for the size of the town and built in neoclassical style.

The square sits on the site of a 16th century Dominican monastery. The convent was expropriated in 1837.

Today, the square is mostly used by cafes and bars with seating covering half the area.

Enjoy your visit to Carmona

Let us know in the comments below if there’s anything we’ve missed. We’d love to hear from you.

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